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Krone Warranty – New Machines

When you purchase a Krone machine, you can be sure that it’s covered by a full 12 month ‘Parts & Labour’ warranty with the cover starting from the date of registration.  This is a full manufacturer’s warranty and giving you confidence in our product and assurance that you will have the support of KFS and the full Krone approved dealer network. That is not the only warranty cover that we off as we also have available our warranty plus option.


Krone Warranty Plus

Additional Manufacturer’s WarrantyOur extended warranty offer – for peace of mind helping you focus on getting the most out of your Krone machines.

Our extended warranty offer – for peace of mind helping you focus on getting the most out of your Krone machines.

Warranty Plus is available for the following models:

  • BiG X self-propelled forage harvester
  • EasyCollect, X Disc and EasyFlow headers
  • BiG M self-propelled mower conditioner
  • BiG Pack square baler
  • Comprima round baler
  • Krone Warranty Plus has a term of either one or two years.
  • With this manufacturer’s warranty, you can extend the all-round protection that you are already legally entitled to from one year to a term of two or three years.
  • Warranty Plus is available for new and demo machines.
  • Krone has designed the whole application process to be straightforward and to involve the minimum fuss.


Warranty Plus Benefits

  • For the entire duration of the warranty period, the guaranteed benefits mean that you will not incur any costs for repair or replacement.
  • If the machine is subsequently sold on, the benefits are also transferable for the remainder of the term.


What you need to know

Warranty Plus can be obtained at the same time as the sales contract is signed for new and demo machines from the year 2015 serial number onwards.
Demo machines may not be older than one year.
Machines covered by Warranty Plus must be Krone dealer serviced.  The customer is obliged to comply with the prescribed service and maintenance intervals.
Engine Hours and Bale Output

Warranty Plus provides generous cover for a large number of engine hours and/ or a high bale output based on realistic criteria.





KRONE Warranty Plus 12 months



KRONE Warranty Plus 24 months





Max 2,500 Engine hours


Max 3,000 Engine hours

X Disc EasyFlow

No restriction

No restriction

Max 2,500 Engine hours
Max 3,000 Engine hours
BiG Pack

Max 20,000 bales

Max 30,000 bales


Max 20,000 bales

Max 25,000 bales


Terms and Conditions

The Krone Warranty Plus package will also be offered for Demonstration machines.

The conditions are as follows:

  1. The machine is at least from the year of manufacture 2015
  2. The machine is not more than one year old
  3. The respective upper limits of operating counter remain unchanged. The respective counters must be noted at point of sale of the machine.

The Krone Warranty Plus can be purchased with a machine at point of sale (new machine or demo machine). There is no option to buy afterwards.

There are no special conditions for Krone Warranty Plus.

General conditions as follows:

  1. The machine must be dealer serviced according to the manufacture specification.
  2. In addition to the usual warranty conditions, proofs regarding the adherence of service and maintenance intervals must be made by stating the operating counters.
  3. All service work carried out must be stated in the service book. This book is provided with each new machine.
  4. The service documentation with the according bills must be presented to Krone on demand.
  5. Wear parts are not coved under warranty. Wear parts are: chain drives, bearings, clutches and all parts located in the cropflow and tyres.
  6. Natural wear and damage due to overuse, misuse or unauthorised modifications are excluded from warranty.


Krone Warranty – Pre-owned Machines

At Krone Forage Solutions we take great pride in our preparation of our second hand machines, we offer a genuine manufacturer warranty for three months on these machines. This warranty is only applicable if the machine has been prepared by one of our recognised Krone Dealer Charter dealers following the Krone service and preparation guidelines.

Standard warranty terms and conditions will apply and warranty will not cover claims due to abuse or unauthorised modifications. Clutches, chain drives, oils and all components in the crop flow system are not covered under warranty.



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